red-flat-jamal-final small ebook-cover


When good friend Jamal Story told me that he wanted me to do a cover for his independently-publiushed first novel,  I jumped at the chance. Since then, I’ve had to pleasure and privilege to produce two works that serve as a cover for Jamal’s words, with (maybe, hopefully) more to come.

The cover for his first book, 2010’s 12:34: A Slice Novel was produced by drawing on tan paper, tearing the drawings very carefully by hand, and scanning them. The lettering is handmade, using marker and felt-tip pen.

For his second work, Toss in the Ether, Jamal gave me a simple edict. He wanted a photographic element challenged by large, readable typography, and when given that challenge, I like how it turned out, as did he.

Book covers are the first thing someone sees, whether electronic or on the bookstore shelf,  so the need to be eye-catching is paramount. I hope I did justice to the worlds Jamal wrote of in these books, and to be able to have a chance to do this work expanded my horizons quite a bit.

Both books are available at his site,