Thanks to my old friend Liz and the Dream Factory in Frankfurt, Germany, this is the first exhibit I’ve been part of, international or no. The exhibition starts June 2015 and goes til August.

My description of the piece:

“Negroes Are But Three-Fifths Person, says Constitution”
Article One, Section 2, Paragraph Three of the US Constitution, drafted and approved at the Convention of 1787, counted slaves as three-fifths of a {white} person, a move which emboldened politicians in Southern states–where black slaves were abundant–and created an environment where desegregation and civil rights attempts were legislatively thwarted for nearly 200 years.
Using that math, I’ve created a tableau of the different realties both groups faced once the Constitution was ratified; one enjoyed the lushness of a plantation economy, while the other sought freedom, education, and relief from their condition under cover of darkness. All under the auspices of the red, white, and blue, with the power of the popular vote (the checkmark, amply supplied to one but denied to the other) and every branch of government.
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